Mas Sajady

The Next Step in Human Transformation

Unlocking Human Potential and Making the Impossible Possible

After multiple near-death experiences, Mas Sajady gained unprecedented knowledge and abilities with massive implications on human transformation and how life works. Along with a deeper understanding of the underlying physics of our universe which delves beyond the quantum, Mas is able to help people transform all aspects of their lives in record time with rapid and tangible results.


Mas refers to this knowledge and abilities as Xponential Intelligence (XI) and shares with the world the information needed to propel humanity to the next stage of its evolution.


Mas has helped tens of thousands around the world and has worked with business leaders, influencers, professional athletes, celebrities, royal families, and Fortune 500 executives from companies such as Capital Records, Starbucks, Facebook, Fox, Microsoft, FedEx, and many more. Mas also donates his time to assist schools, hospitals, special needs organizations, low income communities and others to help propel this global mission.

"We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly." ~ Albert Einstein

Live with Passion, Purpose and Meaning

Mas works in the realm of consciousness, frequencies and spacetime. Thousands have transformed simply by listening to his talks and frequency meditations, without needing a mental understanding of what is being said.

As science confirms our vibrational universe, Mas provides a new understanding of our world and helps people create success, abundance, health, relationships and fulfillment from the inside out. Through accessing higher consciousness, Mas helps people reach their full potential and achieve meaningful success that isn't built on striving, seeking or sacrifice. "As your frequencies shift, so must your life."

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
~ Nikola Tesla

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Mas Sajady Conducting a Global Meditation to Help the World into Safety, Peace, And Abundance

Mas has been called everything from a seer to a disruptor to an innovator operating in the beyond. Going far beyond psychic, he has the ability to “tap in” to anyone, anywhere and address the root cause of any issue, helping people transform in ways never before experienced. People have had massive life transformation mentally, emotionally and physically without the need of willpower or force.

Xponential Intelligence Podcast

Each podcast is infused with powerful frequencies, helping you transform simply by listening


A Handbook to Life

There are plenty of modalities out there that help you make money or create success. XI isn't about that. It’s about creating a strong foundation and utilizing the grandness and the limitless potential of who you are on the inside

Near Death and the Limitless Self Part 1

Through two near death experiences, Mas Sajady has journeyed to the outer limits and come back alive to share timeless knowledge and superhuman abilities to help you live your ultimate human experience.

Xponential Intelligence Basics

Everything is based on your underlying frequency - what XI does - is change your core level frequency, not at the DNA level, but beyond.