Frequency Meditation - Transform Simply by Listening

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

~ Nikola Tesla

Welcome to the World of Frequencies

After multiple near-death experiences, Masati gained amazing insight into the workings of our reality and the ability to “tap in” to individuals at the frequency level and help people transform all aspects of their lives in record time.

Not Your Typical Meditation

Masati works through frequency meditations in which he helps people access higher consciousness simply by listening. Similar to a tuning fork, you begin to resonate with the higher frequencies which may then initiate life transformation. You do not need to understand what is being said, or be “good at meditating”, and can even fall asleep.

Change as We’ve Never Seen It

Change may appear in all aspects of life from physical, emotional, relationships, health, and more. For most, old patterns, habits, beliefs and circumstances come up to clear. All that is needed is to simply observe what no longer serves you. As you stay centered in your body and observe, new opportunities, possibilities and choices may begin to appear. Because the power of your life is always in your hands, it is up to you to choose differently to confirm the changes that have been initiated.
As science confirms our vibrational universe, Masati is pioneering change from the inside out. As we transform at the frequency level, we can effortlessly create a life that reflects our new state of being.

Meet Masati

Unlocking Human Potential
Making the Impossible Possible

After multiple near-death experiences, Masati gained unprecedented knowledge and abilities to help people transform all aspects of their lives in record time with rapid and tangible results. His abilities delve beyond the quantum and use the power of frequencies to help people transform from the inside out.


Masati refers to this knowledge and abilities as Xponential Intelligence (XI) and shares with the world the information needed to propel humanity to the next stage of its evolution.

Masati has helped tens of thousands around the world and has worked with business leaders, influencers, professional athletes, celebrities, royal families, and Fortune 500 executives from companies such as Capital Records, Starbucks, Facebook, Fox, Microsoft, FedEx, and many more. Masati also donates his time to assist schools, hospitals, special needs organizations, low income communities and others to help propel this global mission.

Science From The Inside Out

EMOTO Institute Water Crystal Study with Masati:

In 2022, Emoto Institute conducted a water crystal study with Masati. Masati worked remotely for 15 minutes on the control water samples located in Japan from his home town Minneapolis, USA. The before/after results are shown below.

In each pair of photographs, the control water sample is shown on the left and the water samples exposed to Masati’s remote frequency work appear on the right.

Left: Water crystal before Masati's frequency work
Right: Water crystal after 15 minutes of Masati's remote frequency work

If human intention can have such amazing effects, the potential for frequency work of this magnitude to restore and restructure the mind and body are extraordinary. (The human body is comprised of up to 60% water…the human brain, kidneys, heart and lungs are approximately 80% and even bones are 25% water, according to Medical News Today).

Studies are currently under way to help quantify the spectacular results of this work and we encourage and appreciate all feedback, documentation or research opportunities to help further exposure to this life-changing work.


"I have been searching for this experience my whole life, not really knowing what it was that I was looking for…it has given me the chance to be who I am in my life. Thank you for truly empowering people!"*

~ Katherine

"Two decades of life coaches and counselors and 10 minutes with Masati was more life changing!"*

~ Connie L.

"When I started working with XI my life completely dismantled. At the time I didn't think I would get through it - but now my life is better than I could ever imagine."*

~ Laura

"After just two sessions, I finished detoxing and started evolving into a stronger, healthier human being. Everything happened quickly…first my mind expanded, then my heart, and then my physicality. I finally feel this constant inner peace that I have longed for for quite some time. After a couple months…I now feel true freedom from within. It’s like a dream come true to be able to say this with utmost conviction. Thank you, Masati."*

~ Natasha

"The changes have been amazing. It’s hard to even put into words. But for the first time I feel like I am living. And I have only been doing this for 5 months."*

~ Meghan F.

I've been working with Masati for the past 7 years. He has absolutely helped me to become a more fulfilled human being. My anxiety and depression is gone, my income has tripled and I look 10 years younger than my real age."*

~ Brittany

“My health is coming back and food and sugar cravings are almost gone. I have been craving nature, water and healthy foods instead. I am seeing a brand new life appear right in front of me.”*

~ Jane O.

Frequency Packages

Frequency meditations and frequency sessions work on the deepest core issues at the highest level, addressing most prevalent distortions, misconceptions, blocks and lineage patterns that prevent us living from our limitless potential.

We created three introduction packages for you to experience the power of frequencies. Please see each item's description below.

AM/PM Frequencies

Package Includes:

  • Morning Frequency Meditation
  • Evening Frequency Meditation

AM/PM Frequencies


AM/PM Package

Value $160 | Description Below

Deep Dive

Package Includes:

  • Morning Frequency Meditation
  • Evening Frequency Meditation


  • Playing Small | Frequency Meditation
  • Spring Cleaning | Frequency Meditation

Deep Dive Frequencies


Value $320 | Description Below

Elevating Frequencies

Package Includes:

  • Morning Frequency Meditation
  • Evening Frequency Meditation


  • Playing Small | Frequency Meditation
  • Spring Cleaning | Frequency Meditation


  • 30-Minute Private Frequency Session with Masati

Elevating Frequencies


Value $1,820 | Description Below

Frequency Meditation Description

Morning Frequency Meditation (value: $80)
A morning meditation that uses the power of frequencies to help align and invigorate you for the day to come. The frequency meditation can be played in the background or even on a loop to help you begin each day as your optimal self.

Evening Frequency Meditation (value: $80)
A special frequency meditation to help you cleanse and reset from the day, resetting you to a higher vibration and preparing you for a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Playing Small | Frequency Meditation (value: $80)
A frequency meditation to help you let go of the limiting beliefs of who you are, what you’re capable of and what you deserve. Release the blocks and barriers that keep you playing small and feel the magnitude of your true grandness, turning potential into reality.

Spring Cleaning | Frequency Meditation (value: $80)
A frequency decluttering that helps to clean out old habits, patterns, beliefs and blocks at the core frequency level, bringing to light what holds us back from living our optimum life and being our best self.

Private Frequency Session with Masati (value: $3000/hour)
A private, one-on-one call exclusively with Masati in which he can pinpoint with laser-precisions the real underlying reasons for your life circumstances from a frequency perspective and help you to shift them. The “magic” is not in the words that are said and a mental understanding is not required to experience massive life transformation.

Frequency Work and Detox

The process of frequency work can be very intense and may bring up deeply embedded patterns, feelings, behaviors and emotions as they clear. Many experience detox in which experiences get worse before they get better. Stay centered in your body and observe as these old patterns leave you. You are always in control of your life and the power of lasting change is your responsibility. As unwanted patterns surface, this is the chance to confirm the changes that are being made at the frequency level by observing and choosing differently. As you do this, you allow the opportunity for deep and lasting change rather than a surface level work around.

This meditation can be played as often as desired and can also be put on a loop at low volume in the background, however more isn't always necessarily better. It is recommended to allow the integration of the frequencies and use the replay once a feeling of stability has been achieved. This product is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment; please seek professionals when needed.